Wander round without being commanded

Dwaler is an navigation system for on your ((motor)cycle) and runs on a Arduino >= Nano.
It is not going to tell you to turn left or right at every corner but instead shows you a compass with an extra needle that indicates the direction to your destination.

I have been using compass navigation when traveling from Maastricht (NL) to Berlin (DE) on my Vespa, besides the compass needle spinning like crazy at certain engine speeds it worked beautifully.
For the next trip I got myself a GPS module and planned on logging the trip and making a digital compass that wouldn't be effected by a shaking Vespa.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete that in time for my trip, but lately I had some free time on my hands and got to improve the functionality a lot.


What's next?

A couple of things are on my mind for this project

Parts list


For the curious, I open sourced the code!